Wednesday, January 20, 2016


oh hi. assalamualaikum. so this is my first entry on 2016 isn't it?

firstly, let me give a warm welcome to 2016 and everyone. Let starts this new year with something sweet such as reciting surah ar-rahman. why not? actually I wanna ramble bout how hectic my life as a degree student. basically, this year will become more hectic and disaster since this is my senior year which is final year. ok you know those-final-year-project stuff that will kill you slowly. just end my fifth semester. give me an applause guys. please. heh.

 sebenaqnya nak cerita yg kadang-kadang diri sendiri tak bersyukur dengan segala nikmat Dia. tapi sejujurnya bila masuk uni, rasa nak kejaq carrymark tu hanya Allah ja tau. the reason why I'm only striving for good result is I have to. since it is 60% assessment and the rest is final examination. tu cara pemarkahan. I will try my best to get at least 40 per 60.

nak tau sebab apa?

 sebabnya soalan final yang hanya fourty percent tu selalunya killer tahap tujuh juta megawatt. I know myself very well. selalunya yg fourty percent tu lah shows the worst performance which force me to focus and kejaq on carrymark. okeh. clear?

 no, not because I'm not grateful with what I got. a big NO. it is just because I know my performance during final examination. so thats why I'm taking serious with my carry mark. sometimes, teroverboard down. macam konon-konon jatuh bawah tanah sangat bila tengok carry mark tak ok. basically ada dua assumption or conclusion carry mark tinggi tak menjamin dapat A carry mark rendah tak menjamin dapat A so I prefer number one. biarlah orang nak cakap how obsessed I am dengan my own carry mark. biar carry mark tinggi walaupun at the end tak dapat A. nak tau sebab apa?

sebabnya you can focus more on sixty percent assessment on the next semester. and you know your own weakness. dengan carry mark tinggi tu, insyaAllah you will get better grade walaupun bukan gred A. again, I'm not saying that, low carry mark doesn't mean you can't get A. no. work hard on final examination ok because I used to get not-so-good carry mark but alhamdulillah manage to get a good grade even though it is not an A grade. heh.

 biar orang cakap "alah carry mark rendah still boleh sambung master, phd, boleh kerja hebat nak compared dengan org yg carry mark tinggi, pointer elok, etc etc." ignore them. seriously, you lose nothing because you work hard and you deserve it! dan jangan riak. that's the reason why you should bear in mind ada orang yang lagi bawah. and let yourself immersed in this surah. try to chew, digest and memorized this beautiful surah. don't look down. and if you're in bottom place, please remember, every difficulties, there's an opportunity. no matter what happen, be grateful. He's the one that gives everything.

 So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?